Crafty, Creative, and Fun: Incredible Birthday Gifts on a Budget

One of the great things about being a creative person is having a capacity for inspiring creativity in others. With an impending birthday, that ability can make the hunt for the perfect birthday gift an adventure. Those for whom it’s intended are sure to have some fun looking for whimsical gifts that tickle the fancy and intrigue the imagination. 

Shopping for creative gifts is an appealing and enjoyable alternative to shouldering through throngs of shoppers, only to settle on yet another gift card. Below are some incredibly creative and colorful birthday gift ideas that you can put together on any budget.

A Bright and Shiny List

If you can’t have a little fun with your birthday wish list, then you just aren’t in the groove. Fortunately, a wish list with bright and shiny gift ideas can help you find it again. How about a pastel-colored wristwatch? It’s an original twist on an age-old gift item. If you need a little help finding something stylish and absolutely killer, check out guides from websites like Smart Style Today, which have dozens of lists waiting to assist you. 

If your creativity tends toward photography, why not ask for a Bigshot DIY Digital Camera Kit? Not only is it a conveniently sized and visually appealing camera, but you also get to assemble it yourself. Many creative people find inspiration from unique artwork — if that’s what you’re looking for, you can’t get much more unique than a print of an outer space ray gun framed on card stock. If you have an offbeat sense of history, there’s surely a place in your home for a profile portrait of Alexander Hamilton that includes ten strands of his actual hair

Enhance Your Creativity

For the aspiring writer, there’s a writing tablet with 642 droll prompts to fire your imagination and get your thoughts flowing. It may not help much if you have writer’s block, but it’s nice to know there are so many things to write about. Sometimes, reading about creativity can encourage it in you. Why not ask for a subscription to Bomb, a magazine about artists from every medium imaginable. Who knows? It may plant an idea or two in your head about a creative project you’ve been mulling over. Or you could release your inner Picasso with a sketchbook ordered from the Brooklyn Art House Co-op. Fill it with anything you like, mail it back to the Co-op and it’ll go on a worldwide tour, finally ending up in the Brooklyn Art House library. It’s a birthday wish list item that can make you part of history. If you want to save a little money on the art supplies the person on your list might need, look for coupons for retailers like Joann, where you can find everything from fabric to paint and paintbrushes.

Exercising your creative muscle is often a meditative and relaxing pursuit, perfect for a coloring book. That’s right, a coloring book. Adults enjoy coloring just as much as their kids do. And these days, there’s a downright plethora of adult coloring books out there. Some feature dazzlingly intricate designs that challenge your color coordinating abilities. There are even coloring books based on celebrities. 

Many people have likened the impact of iPads to that of paper itself. If you’re an iPad artist, don’t miss out on the new “paper app.” It’s free, but you’ll need a stylus and an iTunes card, both of which are always a popular idea with gift givers.

Sharing the joy of creativity goes both ways. A fun and creative wish list is right up your alley, but it’s also a blast for gift givers who just might be inspired to fulfill an artistic ambition of their own. Make this birthday the best yet with gifts you won’t be able to get enough of.

Image courtesy of Pixabay